FAQs: Fees, Tax, Condition Reports & more...

Posted On: 25 Sep 2023 by Gid Sutton

Welcome to Soundgas Auctions. For those who are new to this site or to online auctions, here are a few pieces of useful information and answers to some frequently asked questions.

FAQs: Fees, Tax, Condition Reports & more...

These are in no particular order. If there's anything we've missed or that isn't clear please let us know!

Auction Time:

If you are outside the UK then please note that the auction start is shown in UK time. If you need any advice regarding conversion to your local time, please get in touch.


We are required by law to show a total figure for all fees and taxes payable by UK bidders. This percentage is made up of several parts.

Buyer's premium is 15% plus VAT = 18% inc tax for all.
If you are outside the UK, this is what you pay on all items*

Some items are subject to 20% VAT on the hammer price in the UK only.

For all items shipped outside the UK after purchase, fees will be between 18-21.6% (depending on the fee option you select when registering*)

*Registration fee: IMPORTANT!

When registering you can select a £3 flat fee or 3% of your winning bids.
If you intend to bid in the auction select the flat fee.
If you just want to browse/watch rather than bid then the percentage option is fine (you will not be charged unless you bid and win).


This is a live auction and Caveat Emptor applies - please ask any questions if you are in any doubt about an item before bidding. We are testing as much as possible and updating listings up until the auction. If we know something is non-functional this will be stated as clearly as possible. If no mention is made of functionality or testing, you must assume the item is untested. Most items have not been serviced - the listing will display any known servicing work. If you are in doubt please ask for more information at least 24 hours before the auction.

Shipping Costs:

In many cases we will be able to ship or deliver your items to you. If you require an approximate quote then please use the calculator at transglobalexpress.co.uk as they deal with most of our shipping. There will be a modest packing charge added to this. For large or very valuable items we can provide information as needed - please get in touch. We may elect to use an independent van driver for larger items and multiple lots within the UK.

How Does The Auction Work?

It is a live auction with online bidding.
Our auctioneer will end the lots in numerical order from 4pm on Wednesday.
You can place auto-bids now and the site will bid up to your maximum (like ebay) or you can bid live on the day.
We also accept commission bids (where the auctioneer bids on your behalf during the sale) if you are unavailable on the day or prefer not to use auto-bid.

More Information:

This info can also be found in the Buying section of the site. However, if anything is unclear or if you have questions please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact form.