Jo has loved music all her life and first met Tony, her husband and Soundgas co-founder, when he was DJing in Nottingham.

Her family background in antiques together with that love of music and fierce dedication to the music community makes Soundgas Auctions a dream job.

Prior to founding Soundgas Jo travelled the world as croupier, dealing poker in some of Europes biggest tournaments and working on the Caribbean cruise ships followed by a lengthy and successful career in casino management.

Jo loves festivals and is often seen around the country in her camper van visiting Blue Dot, Deershed, etc.

Jo and Tony have two boys who have been lucky enough to have many great musical experiences growing up, needless to say they are not impressed with mum and dad's career choice: to quote one of them at the young age of eight "why can't you have a good job like an ice cream seller, mum?"

Jo's other great passion is horses so when not juggling the management and finances at Soundgas or supporting the boys at a sporting event, you'll find her in the fields with her ponies.